Reply All Emails Gone Wrong

This is based on a real email chain sent on a Friday morning. It started with a manager in IT sending an email to 3206 Employee’s from a large corporation about an issue that affected a small fraction of them

Original Sender (Manager in IT/bald white dude): Original message sent Friday 10:06AM ~summarizing~ “We will be updating two systems that you all have access to this weekend. System A and System B will not be operational. During this time please use the downtime procedure. The updated system should be up and running by the end of the week. Below is the downtime procedure as a refresher.”

Responder 1 (Manager claims payable lady) sent 11:23AM: “Hi [Original Sender], Will this affect any of [my employees]? Can we expect to have System A available for my Team, come Monday Morning? THANKS!

Original Sender (Manager in IT/bald white dude) sent 11:32AM: “Like in the past weekend updates, system A will be offline. It will be up and running by Sunday morning. Speaking to System B, those jobs will be offline on Saturday and need to be rescheduled and can be run on Sunday after the update and before the monthly backup starts at 9PM. The Saturday update normally runs in less than 2 hours. I would suggest we kick it off to run at 5PM before the other jobs are scheduled to be released. Please advise – Original Sender”

Responder 2 (system support/IT lady) sent 12:16PM: “The job should wait until Operations give the final go/no-go on Sunday.”

Responder 3 (Manager claims lady) sent 12:37PM: “[Responder 2], Can you please tell me if you are saying that my team should wait to run until Operations give the final go/no go on Sunday? Thanks”

Responder 4 (lower level member services Associate guy) sent 12:40PM: “Hi! I don’t think I should be getting these emails. Thanks! – [Responder 4]”

Responder 5 (baby boomer social worker-type lady) sent 12:45PM: “Can all of you replying quit replaying to “all”? I am not involved with this and don’t know why I am getting ANY of these emails. Thank you. Please reply to the original sender.”

Responder 2 (system support/IT lady) sent 12:46PM: “No – I’m saying the claims submissions should wait for the final OK”

Responder 6 (claims specialist lady) sent 12:48PM: “I was somehow added to this email chain in error. Can the originator please remove me, it is very distracting. I believe someone added the incorrect [responder 6] claims specialist”

Responder 7 (Educator lady) sent 12:50PM: “Likewise for myself…I should not be on the list of recipients. Please remove me. Thank you very much.”

Responder 8 (complaints department lady) sent 12:52PM: “I think that is for myself as well. If you can please remove me if I am not supposed to be on this ongoing email. Thank you [Responder 8]”

Responder 9 (young intake lady) sent 12:53PM: “Same here, please remove me. Thank you”

Responder 10 (Training Leader guy) sent 12:53PM: “Can everyone please stop responding to all………….Thank you”

Responder 11 (client enrollment guy) sent 12:53PM: “This is sent to a large list of people. If you are not interested you can ignore the thread within outlook. Right click on the original email and click ignore and you will stop seeing updates. Thanks”

Responder 12 (senior systems analyst girl) sent 12:54PM: “Everyone, If you are a user of [the systems], you are a part of this distribution list. If you are not an MC400 user, please refer to your manager to see how you can be removed from the [the systems] user distribution list. Unfortunately, the original sender of this email does not control the distribution list. Thank you,”

Responder 13 (coordination servicer girl) sent 12:54PM: “Hi [Responder 9]!”

Responder 14 (Concierge Expert man) sent 12:54PM: “All, If you use [these systems], you will receive emails to this distribution list. If you do not wish to read the emails, you can use the Ignore function in Outlook by right clicking the original email and clicking on Ignore. Replying all saying to stop replying all does not solve your problem.

malchan image 1

Thank you”

Responder 15 (Claims Examiner lady) sent 12:54PM: “Ok enough. All you have to do it hit DELETE!!!!!

Responder 16 (advocate lady) sent 12:56PM: “Hi [name of a person who hasn’t even responded]!”

Responder 17 (Tech person) sent 12:56PM: “Please remove me as well [own email address]”

Responder 18 (bid bearded ginger guy from Complaints department) sent 12:57PM: “Press ignore if you no longer want an email through this. malchan-image-2.png

Responder 19 (middle-aged Senior Manager dude) sent 12:58PM: “Really??? The entire email distribution gets to see “Hi”???? You guys are killing ME!!!!!!  STOP THIS MADNESS.  (This one doesn’t count).”

Responder 2 (Manager Claims Payable Lady) sent 12:59PM: “To all on this distribution list.  This list is compiled of ALL [system] Users.  It is used to provide updates when there are system issues or scheduled downtimes.     If you do not have any access to [system] at all, DO NOT use [system] for ANY reason,  please email me separately and I will remove you from the list.   Thank you for your time and patience.”

Responder 20 (customer service person) sent 1:17PM: “Please   remove    me     from     this     group     mailing.”

Responder 21 (senior claims examiner woman) sent 1:19PM: “Please remove me as well”

Responder 22 (claims payable analyst dude) sent 1:19PM: *sent specifically to responder 19* “Thoughts and prayers”

Responder 23 (Concierge girl) sent 1:20PM: “malchan image 3.png

Responder 24 (Provider Advocate) sent 1:21PM: “Me too please .”

Responder 25 (Professional Temp) sent 1:31PM: “This on the evening of the area 51 meme is amazing, hello all, goodbye!”

Responder 26 (Operations Analyst Associate woman) sent 1:33PM: “Seriously, you guys tried skyping, or Microsoft teams please remove me”

Responder 26 (Operations Analyst Associate woman) sent 1:33PM: ***just a blank message***

Responder 27 (Claims payable analyst associate woman) sent 1:50PM: “Some these responses on here are very disrespectful. It takes absolutely nothing to just simply ignore the thread from the distributions list of people that this email is intended for. It is unnecessary for someone to add to the chain by saying take me off these email, this wasn’t intended for me. Where are the managers of these employee’s.

We treat all individuals with dignity and respect.


Thank You”


Now I’m sure there are worse Reply All email threads out there. So I urge you all to share them with the world community of the internet. Because this one made me laugh quite a bit.

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