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Deep Rock Galactic Game Wiki: Requirement, Length & Characters
  • Deep Rock Galactic!
    • Playstation has a few games that are free to download each month and one of the games this month is Deep Rock Galactic!
    • Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative first-person shooter video game developed by Danish studio Ghost Ship Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. 
    • The story is about The interplanetary mining corporation DEEP ROCK GALACTIC specializes in securing the most dangerous dig sites in the galaxy. When they need a team for the toughest missions, they call in the Dwarves – mercenary miners, legendary for their ability to survive underground, and infamous for their brutality in combat.
      • You play as a dwarf that works for the Deep Rock Galactic company. When you go on missions you are dropped in to a planet and tasked with extracting valuable minerals from the core. While underground you are surrounded by darkness and constantly attacked by the local insect wildlife.
    • The game uses lighting in one of the most unique ways I have ever seen and when you aren’t on missions you and your teamates can goof around back at HQ.
      • You can order all different kinds of beer, dance, kick barrels, or even play an inpromptu soccer game.
    • You can play by yourself or with others as each party can host up to 4 players.
      • Each player has to pick which class of player from either
        • Engineer
        • Scout
        • Gunner
        • or Driller (which is my favorite)
      • And apparently the class you pick as your favorite reveals something about your personality lol
  • If you have playstation plus I strongly suggest you download the game while it is still free throughout the month of January 2022.
    • If you don’t have Playstation Plus then I still recommend you buy the game and start mining.


  • This week’s episode is of a strange and dark story.
    • It is a true story that will ellicit both intrigue and horror.
    • THIS is about Lobster Boy.
      • The boy with lobster claws.
The Killer Lobster Boy Who was Hated By the Masses | by JustAnnet 👑 |  History of Yesterday

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  • Grady Stiles Jr. was born on June 26th, 1937.
    • He  would grow up to become an American freak show performer and an eventual murderer.
    • His deformity was the genetic condition ectrodactyly, in which the fingers and toes are fused together to form claw-like extremities. Because of this, Stiles performed under the stage name “Lobster Boy“.
  • Throughout his life, Lobster Boy married twice and had a total of 4 children, 2 of which were born with ectrodactyly.
    • The deformity is passed genetically and Grady’s family had suffered from it for generations. According to Grady Stiles Senior, the deformity and the prevalence of it in their family dated back to 1840.
    • Grady Sr. capitalized on his disability by running a circus/carney side show known as the Lobster Family. They were an attraction in a traveling carnival. After Grady Jr. was born he was folded into his father’s sideshow act at the age of seven.
    • Later in life, when Grady Jr. became the head of the Lobster family, he reportedly made between 50 and 80 thousand dollars each season. So things weren’t too bad for the Lobster Family, at least not financially.
    • When winter rolled around each year the family would return to their home in Gibsonton, Florida, where many other carnival performers lived during the winter season.
  • Grady Stiles Jr.’s case of electrodactyly was pretty severe: In addition to his hands, he also experienced ectrodactyly in his feet, and therefore could not walk. For most of his life, he primarily used a wheelchair, but he most commonly used his hands and arms for locomotion.
    • He developed substantial upper body strength that which was pretty handy for most day-to-day tasks. But when combined with his bad temper and the alcoholism that he developed later in life, Lobster Boy’s incredible strength just made him more dangerous to others.
The Killer Lobster Boy Who was Hated By the Masses | by JustAnnet 👑 |  History of Yesterday
  • Limited by his deformities, Stiles grew up confined within the carnival world. His childhood wasn’t the most glamorous or normal living the life of a carney kid.
    • But as a young man he fell in love with another carnival worker named Maria Teresa, a young woman who had run away to join the circus as a teenager.
    • Mary didn’t have a carnival worthy deformity or trick. She was by most accounts a normal person living a normal life until she ran away at the age of 19 to be amongst the carneys whom she felt more comfortable with.
    • Luckily for her, carnivals always need staff to keep things running so they welcomed her and the extra labor she was willing to offer.
    • Time passed and she noticed the boy confined to a small cubicle in the corner of the carnival who just sat there waving at paying customers all day.
    • She remembers Grady being kind as can be when they first met. But once he consumed some alcohol (of which he eventually developed a nasty addiction to) he became angry and violent. Domestic abuse became a norm at the Lobster Family household of carneys.
      • Lobster boy would use his extra strong pincers to violently pinch and tear at the flesh of his victims.
  • During one domestic abuse altercation where Grady was assaulting his wife when his pregnant daughter Kathy intervened by putting Grady’s wheelchair in between him and his wife.
    • Grady then took out frustrations on his daughter and beat her viciously enough to induce labor. His daughter gave birth to a premature baby who had the same deformity as his own grandfather.
    • Another night Grady’s violent tendencies took things even too far for Mary to tolerate.
      • In a drunken rage Grady tackled Mary to the floor, pinned her down, and with his claws removed a intrauterine device that Mary used to prevent pregnancy.
      • Horrified by this event, Mary promptly left Grady.
Grady Stiles - The Famous Lobster Boy

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  • When Stiles’ teenage daughter, Donna, fell in love with a young man that he didn’t approve of he took matters in to his own claws.
    • Donna was somewhere between 15 and 17 at the time and her Fiancee was only 18. Lobster Boy must have been really against this union because…
    • In 1978 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, he murdered his daughter’s fiancé in cold blood on the eve of the wedding.
    • He was convicted of Third Degree Murder.
    • At his trial, he admitted his act with no remorse whatsoever, but pointed out that he couldn’t possibly be imprisoned because no jail could properly accommodate his disability. He was subsequently let off with 15 years probation and allowed to return home.
      • This sounds bonkers to me. How is a murderer who admitted the crime going to be allowed to go practically unpunished just because they didn’t have a prison to house him in? Was this guy able to lobster pince his way out of cuffs or something? IDK
      • Also, reports say he ” shot and killed his oldest daughter’s fiancé on the eve of their wedding.” How did Lobster boy grip the gun? I would like to know the logistics of that. Did he have to use both hands? The guy only has a total of 4 fingers (2 on each hand), so how did he grip a gun? Was it a pistol or a rifle?
        • Then I read on “He used a shotgun to kill him.” … how? How does someone with lobster hands hold and fire a shotgun?
    • I will admit, looking in to Lobster Boy I realized there weren’t many details on his life story. This is to be expected about someone who lived hundreds of years ago, but Lobster Boy lived in the 20th Century. I couldn’t help feel like some of these sources were just full of malarkey.
      • Then again these are carney people. They keep to themselves like gypsies. Not that I have any real knowledge about people who work for travelling carnivals/circuses or gypsies outside of movies and TV shows… so I’m no expert at all.
  • Stiles stopped drinking thereafter, and during this period remarried his first wife, Mary Teresa in 1989.
    • However, he soon began drinking again and his family claimed that he became even more abusive.
      • In 1992, Teresa, together with her son from a previous marriage, Harry Glenn Newman Jr., hired a seventeen-year-old sideshow performer named Chris Wyant to kill Stiles for $300.
  • According to Grady Stiles III, his mother, Teresa, and father were arguing.
    • Teresa had said ‘Something needs to be done.’ Teresa’s son overheard this, and went to a neighbor and repeated those words. Shortly after this happened, as Stiles smoked a cigarette while watching television on the sofa, the neighbor entered his home with a semi-automatic pistol and shot him in the head twice, killing him.
  • Apparently no one involved in Lobster Boy’s murder denied their role in the act.
    • During the trial, his wife spoke at length of his abusive history. “My husband was going to kill my family,” she told the court, “I believe that from the bottom of my heart.”
    • Wyant was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 27 years in prison.
    • Harry Newman was given life in prison for his role as the mastermind and Teresa was given 43 years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder.
    • Stiles was hated so much by the local community that only 10 people came to his funeral, and nobody volunteered as a pallbearer to carry his coffin.
Lobster Boy — Magwire Art

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