Hodge Podge of Ideas

The following are notes from Season 2 Episode 6 of the Who’d a Thunk it? Podcast.

  • Howdy Who’d a Thunkers!
    • For this episode I wanted to delve in to the rejects pile. You see, I have tons of ideas I would love to present to people for this podcast, but not all of my ideas make it past the final cut.
    • Whether I couldn’t stretch a concept to a full length episode, or the medium of an audio podcast wouldn’t really mesh with the concept, or simply because someone else has already covered the topic in great detail… I present to you, my Hodge Podge of Ideas!
  • So you can TIME TRAVEL…
    • When do you go to?
      • Renaissance –
      • Turn of the 20th Century to be an Outlaw in the wild west
    • Do you have space travel too? Because earth is hurtling through space at an unfathomable speed. If you travel through time and NOT space… even it is just a 1 day jump in time… you’ll end up stranded in outer space.
    • Do you bring back a boom box to blow people’s minds?
    • Or better yet, learn an instrument and play melodies that are world famous now, but back then it would just blow them away and they would worship you as a musical genius
    • Every day I walk for 1 or 2 hours in the park with my dog. The other day I was listening to some heavy metal and I wondered:
      • What would this music do if it were played at high volume for an ancient Viking army preparing for battle?
      • Food for thought
    • EXURB1A video: Unlimited Rice Pudding – YouTube
This guys go in to MUCH more detail than I ever could for this thought experiment.
  • FEMTO Photography
    • I love comic book super heroes and I have since I was a little kid.
    • Science has been doing miraculous things for a long time now, but this one Ted Talk I watched showed a new technology that can actually allow man to harness the power to see around corners.
    • The video blew my mind because I could actually grasp the concepts the speaker was trying to tell me.
  • What Super Power do you pick?
    • As I said, I am a big comic book guy so the question has left my lips quite a few times.
    • There is a good Would You Rather question on the subject:
      • Would you rather have the ability to fly or invisibility?
        • I find this Would You Rather is quite revealing about whomever participates. Flying is fun, but invisibility opens up a lot of mischievous opportunities.
    • My super power would be to stop time whenever I choose and for however long I choose. Add in that I could allow anyone of my choosing to join me in the halted time and it is perfect.
      • I could gain entry in to just about anywhere.
      • Make my weekends last as long as I like.
      • I could even pause time during an argument to formulate the perfect response with a cool head.
      • The possibilities are endless!
I got the super power idea from this corny movie from 2002.
  • Wingsuiting is so dangerous. People die at such a high rate, yet the ones who practice it seem so dedicated to the sport.
  • In a story segment with HBO Sports hosted by Bryant Gumbel, a famous Wingsuiter was going to do a low risk flight as a demonstration for the story. During the run he shattered both his shins on a rock…. and was back wingsuiting within months.
  • Are we as humans so attracted to the idea of flight that we will risk our lives just to experience 1 small version of Flying?
Bryant Gumbel is
  • Cashier’s Spike
    • The other day I was lying in bed when a peculiar concept decided to knock on the inside of my skull until I wrote it down.
    • You know those metal pegs you see at diners, and some restaurants? The ones that the cashier uses to hold your receipt when she’s finished ringing your bill up?
    • Whatever you call it, a Cashier’s spike, a receipt holder, I thought of it as a metaphor for how we catalogue memories for a day.
    • The receipts are our memories. Instead of pieces of paper documenting exchanges of money, we save memories of happiness, intrigue, sadness, anger, and so forth.
    • The receipts are taken off at the end of the day and are sorted. The spike remains.
    • People say we are the accumulation of our memories, but I don’t think that is true. We aren’t the receipts that are sorted at the end of the day… we are that metal spike. We are the one that sorts them.
  • The Great Eastern Brood
    • And lastly I want to tell you about a unique natural phenomena: the periodical cicada.
    • This year 2021 marks the 17th year since the last emergence of Brood X (roman numerals) also known as The Great Eastern Brood.
    • Back in 2004 I was just a little kid who had just graduated from 4th grade in elementary school. I remember visiting my grandparents Nen and Papa over the summer, and I remember seeing huge swarms of these black flying bugs all over the place! Each and every one of them made about as much noise as those annoying noise-maker toys that little kids love so much.
    • That was Brood X, the Great Eastern Brood of the periodical cicadas in the United States.
    • Magicicada species spend almost the full length of their long lives underground feeding on xylem fluids from the roots of deciduous forest trees in the eastern United States.[4] In the spring of their 13th or 17th year, mature cicada nymphs emerge in the springtime at any given locality, synchronously and in tremendous numbers. After the prolonged developmental phase, the adults are active for only about 4 to 6 weeks.[5] The males aggregate into chorus centers and attract mates. Mated females lay eggs in the stems of woody plants. Within two months of the original emergence, the lifecycle is complete and the adult cicadas disappear for another 13 or 17 years.
    • Part of The Great Eastern Brood’s territory is back where I grew up in South Central Pennsylvania. Now I live in Pittsburgh at the western end of the state which is part of Brood VIII’s. Brood VIII emerged in 2019 and won’t emerge again until 2036.
    • But I will be sure to go back to my hometown area to witness this rare natural spectacle.

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